Expanded Macro Indentation

I think it would be nice if an expanded macro was automatically indented as far as the use-macro element that it was replacing. Currently, this is only true for the starting element of the expanded macro, other elements are only indented as far as they are in the macro definition.

This would make the page template with the expanded macros easier to understand and edit.


alzhimer (Mar 22, 2002 5:50 am; Comment #1) –

even nicer would be to have an option to automagically format the whole PT according to the structure of the HTML. or at least, at a start, keep the indenting as is (now, with “expand macros” enabled it would justify every line to the left which makes the PT very hard to read).

The auto-formatted HTML might look something like:

  <title>The title</title>
  <h1>Cool Page</h1>
    Some Text here...