New Icons

I find myself really disliking the ZPT icon, so I designed two replacement icons .The difference between them is subtle, but intended to suggest other possible color variations.


The links here don’t seem to work.

Here are links to the two icons:

The icons try to symbolize the concept of a ‘document template’ by adding a dashed line (as in ‘stuff goes here’) inside a document icon. In zpt2.gif, the area defined by the dashed line is made slightly more distinct by changing its color to a pale yellow.

I’ve created two more variations:

The change I made (besides the color variations) was to take the ‘template’ area (surrounded by a dashed line), make it a bit smaller and offset it a bit off the page icon to indicate that ‘stuff comes in from somewhere else’. If anyone has suggestions for further variations, please let me know.

I’m also wondering if it’s possible to display slightly different icons depending on whether the Page Template defines a macro or not? This would only be a small usability improvement, but worthwhile, I think.


dracvl (Oct 25, 2001 4:29 am; Comment #1) –
I like the first one. It’s clean and understandable, and represent Page Templates nicely. The others are a bit too complicated.